Finally movies and beer can peacefully get together! As popcorn is “a must-have” for girls during the movie session, so is beer for the boys, right? That’s why Grolsch has created a campaign is Russia that has the potential to change the way you choose and enjoy your movie time or, as the brand says in the commercial: “you don’t need your credit cards any more, you just need a bottle of beer”.

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The St Petersburg-based tech developer Head and Hands was responsible for creating this innovative feature by using a next-gen Bluetooth beacon technology. So, how does it actually work? Every bottle of Grolsch beer that was made for this marketing purposes has a special embedded device that transmits radio signals from a bottle to the device you want to watch the movie on.

The special codes that are located on the underside of the each bottle have been scanned and verified by the server before unlocking your movie. This all happens in real-time while the bottle is cracked open and, as soon it’s verified, the movie gets unlocked and you can enjoy it for a one-time viewing.

Check it out in action below: