Unconvincing and weird – two words to describe IKEA’s latest slip into the world of advertising and the attempt to promote and to portend their new catalog. Teamed up with Forsman & Bodenfors, this Swedish retailer presented something that looks a lot like an insight into a really, really bad reality show, as their proud announcement of a novelties this autumn will bring along.

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Hoping that different approach will hold them under the spotlight a bit longer than usual, the brand hosted a world-renowned hypnotist and entertainer Justin Tranz and conducted an experiment which gave their costumers time travel experience as a possibility – a thought quite bizarre coming from a furniture manufacturer I would say.

Believing our homes change and evolve as much as we do while passing through all those big moments life sets before us, they found a couple willing to take a chance and peek into their future lives, and with the help of a hypnoses and a bunch of actors, led them through years to come.

Although the idea essentially may have sounded promising, the realization of a project, the script, the set and every other aspect of it just didn’t fit good enough with the image and the essence IKEA world stands for.

On the other hand, something much simpler seems to be much better solution when it comes to promoting what they have to offer. Just a couple of days from now, August 31st more precisely, at the IKEA Tempe store in Sydney, the brand will present another layout.

This time, in cooperation with Airbnb, they will quite literally honor some lucky fans with a full experience of living among the walls of IKEA. For one night only their costumers will have the opportunity to perceive the lifestyle a “Rustic Charm”, “Inner City Living” or “Modern Elegance” rooms have to offer, to enjoy dinner, and even to preserve part of an adventure by keeping the sheets they slept on.

So, instead of some crazy spooky hocus pocus stuff they counted on, it seems that a simple $11 AUD. night will do the trick just fine.

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Photos: Airbnb.com