Constantly putting a real effort to stay on the cutting edge, Nike has recently demonstrated 43 years of sneaker evolution in the brand’s latest two-minute video called Genealogy of Innovation, which takes us on a brief journey through various phases of the company’s sneakers and athletic shoes. Genesis, Reformation, Golden Age, Enlightenment, Rennaissance, Transformation and Revolution are the key words in the historical travel stops which somewhat sound pompous, yet in the context of Nike they showcase true commitment to experimentation and innovation.

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The brand has also collaborated with Sneaker Freaker website by publishing a retrospective book which is an in-depth study of 200 game-changing Nike shoes and football boots, including some rarely seen prototypes and design sketches. Unfortunately for you, the book is not available for purchase, so the fans of the brand will be satisfied with this two-minute short film from the production company Golden Wolf: