If you see someone taking selfies with a perfume bottle in the near future, don’t be surprised it’s just Sony’s new KW1 camera designed to look like a very fancy perfume bottle. Officially presented in China a couple of days ago, the lady friendly camera proved to be an excelled product for Chinese fashion lovers despite of the hefty price tag of $845. So, what does it make so special? The main thing is in the details.

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With the cap of an expensive perfume bottle glued onto its top, the KW1 looks extremely elegant. Though the cap itself cannot be removed, it contains a 180-degrees rotating lens made to capture amazing photos whether you’re taking a photo or a selfie. Along with impressive technical specs, the camera has also a built-in WiFi and NFC, as well as plenty of effects that allow you to edit and share your photos instantly on social networks.

Check out how this unique gadget looks like:

sony-perfume-camera-image-1 sony-perfume-camera-image-2 sony-perfume-camera-image-3 sony-perfume-camera-image-4