A jet lag isn’t an easy state for any average traveler, it’s even worse for an athlete who depends on his or hers maximum physical abilities. Now, it’s time for athletes to finally enjoy the ride: Nike experts have come along with Teague, a design consultancy company from Seattle, to create a new concept in aviation: an entire and exclusively built airplane cabin for athletes. The company has quite an expertise in partnerships with airplane companies such as AirCanada and AeroMexico.

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The seats of the prototype airline are designed to fit up to a 7’ tall basketball player and have the player number on it. Also, technology is spread all around, from urinals that capture the hydration level of the athlete warning when it’s time for nutrition to leg’s sleeves that inflate and help the circulation of a player.

The interior is shaped in 4 elements that cherish the well being of athletes: Recovery that soothes the bad effects of flying through diagnosis and treatment equipment; Circulation which builds equipment to improve circulation and healing; Sleep that promotes great conditions for a whole team of athletes have a great night of sleep and Thinking areas for film studying before and after games. Nike has always stated about the maximization of an athlete’s performance. Technology, now, meets body requirements to allow such potential.

That’s the experience era; players can now sit back and enjoy the ride with such an exquisite touch.

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Images: thedesignair.com