Brand: Sainsbury’s
Agency: Google Creative Labs
Campaign: Sainsbury’s Food Rescue

In the UK, the average household throws away £60 ($100) worth of uneaten food every month, equivalent to some four million tonnes of waste each year. Earlier this summer, Sainsbury’s teamed up with Google to help combat this issue in an innovative fashion with a new interactive online tool called Sainsbury’s Food Rescue.

Using Google’s voice recognition technology, Food Rescue delivers food-based education and inspiration on the go, with help and advice for families on making the most out of what’s in their fridge.

Users can input – or say – up to nine different ingredients, with Google Voice Search returning recipe ideas from a database of over 1,200 snacks, lunches and dinners.

The technology provided by Google also calculates the money saved with each recipe, judged by the weight of the food used. This data is then fed back to users to show which recipes and ingredients are most popular across the UK, as well as which area is leading the way in saving.

Consumer habits are evolving as shoppers taken a keener interest in what’s going in their baskets. As the consequences of actions to the environment become more apparent, conscious consumers are looking for ways to make what they have go farther, and save a little money at the same time.

Google data showed that searches for recipes using leftovers have rose by a third compared to the previous year, with nearly 2/3 of those searches done via mobile devices. Through Food Rescue, Sainsbury’s is empowering its consumers to act more sustainably, creating an opportunity to learn more about its consumers habits and preferences, and potentially drive a few more sales too.


Images: J-Sainsbury