Is McDonald’s food really unhealthy… or is that just a myth? To reveal the facts and break the stigma about ingredients in their food, McDonald’s made one step further in allowing cameras to get inside its ultra-secret food processing plant. As a part of the ”Our Food, Your Questions” transparency campaign the fast food giant welcomed “Good Morning America” news crew to expose the making off procedures, showing that there are no hidden unhealthy elements.

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As a part of this risky campaign, the brand has launched a website section where customers can ask all the questions they have ever wondered about. Mr. Imahara, former host of the Discovery Channel’s hit show ‘MythBusters’ will present the series of web episodes, helping brand to cleverly create a defensive counterweight.

“We know some people – both McDonald’s fans and skeptics – continue to have questions about our food from the standpoint of the ingredients or how food is prepared at the restaurant. This is our move to ensure we engage people in a two-way dialogue about our food and answer the questions and address their comments,” emphasized Kevin Newell, EVP, Chief Brand and Strategy Officer for McDonald’s USA.

Check out the first episode and see if McDonald’s managed to tear down your food fears: