Coca-Cola Israel has released its newest tech-driven initiative, one entitled Stay Extraordinary and focused on the individuality of Diet Coke consumers. The brand has decided to utilize algorithms in the creation of over two million unique Diet Coke bottles (available around the country in 51, 17 and 12 ounce sizes), whose designs have also translated over into branded products such as bags, t-shirts and iPhone covers.

The Stay Extraordinary campaign was accomplished with the help of Gefen Team on creative, Q Digital on production, HP Indigo on the printing, and Dahaf on advertising. Coca-Cola’s VP of Marketing, Alon Zamir, stated, “We are proud to launch such a complex, innovative and extraordinary campaign which will convey to all Diet-Coke consumers how extraordinary they are themselves.

coke unique millions image

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Now, we can all agree that the designs are great. They are beautiful and colorful, two qualities that many may aspire to be in their individuality, and nothing short of what we would expect from one of the megabrands. The campaign, as a whole, also presents some clear similarities to ABSOLUT Unique (with its four million singular bottle designs) and is a clear piggyback on the Share a Coke campaign (where personalized bottles suddenly became tools for gifts, marriage proposals and the like).

But we have to wonder:  What is the value of presenting a campaign meant to have a humanistic touch (that of creativity and individuality) if it is backed by automation – and (to take a quote straight from the brand itself) has “no need for human intervention?” Similar to all mass production, you run the risk of an illusion of choice and distinctiveness, and end up forgetting that these designs could be easily multiplied.

What do you guys think?

PS. eBay now has collections of the bottles on sale for ridiculous prices (i.e., $200) and individual ones are going for $15…

Image source: Gute Werbung