Brand: Intermarché
Agency: Marcel Worldwide
Campaign: Inglorious Fruit & Vegetables

As we’ve covered previously, food wastage is one of the biggest issues facing our planet, with its consequences far-reaching. It is estimated that a third of all the food produced in the world ends up wasted, with 300 millions tons of fruit & veg thrown out every year. In many cases, the food doesn’t even have a chance to reach the supermarket, with the most unappealing produce binned immediately.

‘Ugly’ fruit & veg are just as nutritional as their more aesthetically pleasing counterparts; so joining the fight against food waste, French supermarket Intermarché decided to give them a rebrand.

Inglorious Food2

“Inglorious Fruit & Vegetables” was a large-scale multichannel campaign designed to ‘rehabilitate’ and glorify the “Grotesque Apple,” the “Disfigured Eggplant” and the “Unfortunate Clementine,” challenging consumers’ preconceptions that misshapen produce were inferior and represented poor value for money.

Promotion spanned TV, print, outdoor, radio, online and in-store; and to further incentivise, the produce was priced 30% cheaper. Intermarche also offered pre-packaged options including juices and soups.

Inglorious Food4

Flipping a negative into a unique selling point, they created a brand new range out of produce that previously wouldn’t even be considered for sale. Within two days of launch, the supermarket reported it had sold on average 1.2 tons of the imperfect fruit and veg per store, with footfall increasing by 24%.

But most importantly, Intermarché is growing its business in a way that benefits everyone involved.The farmers are able to sell product they previous couldn’t, consumers are receiving better value for healthy food and the burden on the planet is eased. A great example of a brand doing well by doing good.

Inglorious Food6 Inglorious Food5

Images: Marcel Worldwide