2015 Sundance Film Festival logo has just been released. The job was done by Mother Design and it features an eclipse. From the greek, an eclipse (ἔκλειψις) means the darkening of something, but what exactly are they trying to darken out? The letters get mixed up with the “solar prominences” that can be seen along the edge of the circle. Are they trying to show the dark side of the sun, or the dark side of the moon? Does it have to do with a real eclipse? According to Mark Aver, design director of Mother Design, “the eclipse is a visual metaphor for the convergence of filmmakers and audience that happens at Sundance.


The white circle with the “15” seems to be more worked out then the other one. Simplicity is hard to develop, and in this case it was well done. Yet, we all expect much more creativity when it comes from Mother Design.

There’s no dark side of the moon really. Matter of fact it’s all dark.” – Pink Floyd


Images: Mother Design