You cannot think of New York without thinking of the New York Post. That’s what the Post is emphasizing in its new ads all over New York Yellow Cabs–they cannot be ignored or forgotten. The NY Post has been using small spaces in the city, like cabs and subway stations, to display great statements through advertised content. The campaign entitled “Made You Look” was created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners.

The Post, one of the oldest daily newspapers in the United States, has been in the market since 1801, but just last year it had a digital relaunch. The actual advertisement campaign is the newest in more than ten years.

Jesse Angelo, CEO and Publisher, wants to broadening information to its readers, as he comments: “We want to pour gasoline on the fire and get more readers to look at us, and more brands and agencies to understand that we can get their messaging noticed.”

He also comments on the idea of making people pay attention to the authenticity of the paper: “The goal of the campaign was to capture and reinforce, across print and digital, consumer and trade, our core strength: getting people to pay attention to what we do through our wit, our irreverence and our truly unique voice,” said Angelo, “‘Made You Look’ accomplishes that.”