After 60 years of existence, the grocery store chain Lowes Foods dived into a massive rebranding project and showed us their reason surviving for so long. With a belief that tapping in one place is definitely not a way of ensuring future, the company decided to take a huge risk and submit itself to the biggest change in its history.


Side by side with the NY-based agency The Variable, they transformed 14 of their traditional looking stores into places that lure customers with coziness, warmth, and an awesome approach. Aimed at turning shopping into a little adventure their customers would look forward to, the brand devised a niche concept with a ‘retail-tainment’ factor on its grounds, revealing their intentions fully.

We want to create the opportunity where when folks walk in here, there’s a sense of pride and community,” said Tim Lowe, the president of Lowes Food himself, while adding: “Our job is not to be an incrementally better grocery store. We want to create something different and unique in the grocery experience overall.”

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While wondering between rows, you can now find coffee and chocolate served in a “Boxcar”, a “Beer Den” corner with the “finest craft beers in the whole wild world,” as well as a “Pick ‘n’ Prep” stand where personnel will kindly cut, trim or chop groceries you need prepped. There is also a “Community Table” for cooking demonstrations, a cake-shaped “Cakery,” and a “Sausage Professor” who creates new sorts of sausages by combining different ingredients. As they learned their shoppers like to equate local with fresh, the transformation also includes a big emphasis on local products.


The big stamp to this fresh approach however is the “Chicken Dance.” Whenever new rotisserie chicken would come out of the oven, or children would be near by, the music would start and all employees would drop everything and start with the chicken dance routine.

The new look, which will be applied to all of their stores (more than 100 altogether) over time, has been promoted through interesting and cheeky ads, proving once again that playing the safe card wasn’t even a choice this time.

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