While stores were opening up the flood gates this past Black Friday with incredible deals and products heavily marked down (well more on this later), fashion brand Everlane had a different idea. For the past two years, the retail company closed down its shop on Black Friday in order to promote thoughtfulness on a day where customers can get caught up in the chaos of it all. This year, however, they started a new tradition: the Black Friday Fund.

Rather than shutting down, they decided to stay open and use 100% of the day’s funds towards building a recreation center and garden at one of their factories in Hangzhou, China. Their goal was to make $30,000, or approximately have 1,000 people shop (which by the way according to their Facebook page, they’ve made well over $100,000).


Everlane is known as the disruptive retail brand that practices “radical transparency.” They sell high-quality minimalistic basics at great prices, but they’re able to do so because they don’t markup their products as high as other retailers–and they’re upfront about how much they do. It’s the main reason why they choose not to participate in the Black Friday rage, where retailers exuberantly markup their products the weeks leading up, making consumers feel like they’re saving money when it’s actually just a gimmick. On top of their affordability, they have an impressive dedication to ethical production and design.

Their transparency and consciousness is really what makes this brand noteworthy, and we can’t wait to see more companies follow suit.


Images: Everlane