We all love bags. Women have collections and men don’t lag behind. A quality leather bag is never too pricey, and we appreciate its comfort and design.

This article is not about Gucci or LV bags, but about those made out of used airplane leather seat covers. Imagine yourself sitting in a plane and many years its use, all of that leather will become… bags?

Even though it is hard to imagine, 80,000 leather seat covers are being transformed into bags as we speak!

Southwest Airlines teamed up with Looptworks, a design brand from Portland in creation of the LUV Project. The airline company didn’t want to label the seat covers as waste and simply recycle them, but wanted to re-create them into something “wearable.” How cool is it to have an airplane seat cover as a bag?

That is where Looptworks comes into play. The studio is creating three types of leather bags: tote, duffle bag, and a backpack, all of which are currently available for pre-order here so the journey can go on!