Today marks the launch of Art&Graft’s global rebrand for Cartoon Network’s Boomerang channel. Boomerang started as a commercial-free, 24-hour classic cartoon network, but in 2013 things changed a little bit. It was about time for a rebrand and Art&Graft was selected to develop it. They had to create a design that would be attractive to kids and their parents. The results you’re about to see were amazing!


VP of Design/Creative at Cartoon Network, Jacob Escobedo, commented on the redesign:

We were looking for a studio that understood our sensibilities – high expectations for strong visuals and a sense of humor. Art&Graft had the ability to communicate our new positioning for the network. They added a lot of perspective to the project by creating this dynamic graphic environment where our characters could all exist in between shows.”

The new visual identity was created, but it didn’t lose its previous charm and personality. The whole point of making the change was to “create a fun, sensory, light-hearted world in which the Boomerang characters could live and grow.”

Cartoon Network’s Boomerang new design

We looked to create a wonderfully playful brand identity – a fun-filled playground of surprise and excitement. The use of blocks relates to its ‘bigger brother’ Cartoon Network, allowing the two brands to complement one another yet, with the use of rich colour and isometric grid, also enables Boomerang to stand out clearly as its own destination. A place packed full of magic and wonder, where things are constantly revealed and appear in unexpected and entertaining ways,Mike Moloney, Creative Director at Art&Graft said.

Some of you were lucky enough to see the new colorful redesign, because it launched late 2014 in Latin America and Australia. For those who haven’t had the chance, it will be released across the USA, EMEA and APAC Networks throughout early 2015.

Let’s take a sneak peek into the new design. Hope you’ll enjoy it and let these images take you back to your childhood, at least for a minute.

Art&Graft new design for Cartoon Network09_BOOMERANG_x9_Generic Bumpers Tom & Jerry new design on Boomerang