Imagine an app that allows you to share your moments in 3D. In the world where pictures are flat and videos have become too ordinary, we are always looking for something new. So here’s a new app for your smartphone: Fyuse

Fyuse is not 2D, not panorama, and not video, but what is it actually? It is obviously interactive as is every mobile app–think of an interaction designer creating a product that is not interactive, it just sounds silly. It has a 360 degree view and you can apply “3D tagging,” a feature that could be useful to brands and businesses in the future. Add a selfie stick to your smartphone and you can create “selfie panoramas.”

Remember those 3D stickers from your childhood? Now you can do a more sophisticated version of that with your phone and enjoy spacial photography. As the viewer tilts the phone, the photo produced earlier becomes vivid. The app will grant access to a dedicated social network, and user generated content can be shared via social media channels.

Here’s what you can do with the app:

Images: Fyuse