If this was your first time in a gun shop and you were willing to purchase a firearm, maybe you’ll change your mind. The States United to Prevent Gun Violence’s newest social experiment demonstrates the responsibilities and consequences of buying a gun.

The organization, along with Grey New York, set up a gun shop in the middle of Gotham City. The shop, equipped with hundreds of real guns and a good amount of hidden cameras, featured “pistols, riffles, shotguns, used guns” on its window. All of this is to prevent more prospective gun buyers and to stop the increase of the already high rate of 60% of gun holders in the USA.

Fresh clients entered the shop and asked for information about the guns. The salesperson would show the weapons with lots of rich details. All the guns displayed a tag with information such as where the gun was used, how it was used, and how many people it injured or killed. After the in-depth brief, customers would walk out uneasily.

The anti-gun gun shop was set in the Lower East Side of Manhattan in order to suggest that having a gun in the home is more dangerous than not possessing one. Julia Wyman, executive director of States United To Prevent Gun Violence, mentioned that: “Our goal is to educate those looking to purchase a firearm and ensure they are aware of the potential risks [and to promote responsible gun ownership”.

The real weapons in the fake shop were used in actual massacres and accidents. For instance, a 9-year-old girl who accidentally killed her gun instructor used a 9mm submachine gun. A semi-automatic pistol used by a man killed 6 people in around 20 seconds. Their website has all the information about the weapons displayed in store.