One of the leading online music players and social platform, Spotify, has announced a revolution in its design and brand identity.

Forget about those black, white, and green colors and a little sound wave logo. With the help of artists from NYC-based design studio Collins and a work process that lasted about a year, Spotify is going to embrace a brighter, flashier, and bolder range of colors with the goal of keeping up with the taste of their 60-million consumer base. Most of their users are millennials who, representatives of Spotify claim, are highly visual.

“Lots of companies are targeting this audience,” says Alexandra Tanguay, Spotify’s global brand director. “But for us, it’s unique. Our founders are millennials, our audience are millennials. We listen to them, we talk to them, we interact with them for hours every day. The simple language we were using wasn’t capturing the energy and power we have with that audience.”

The concept of the redesign has been focused on showing the core essence of the brand by being part of the rich and lively music culture, rather than some tech company whose original visual identity would perfectly fit. In creating this design, the team from Collins was inspired by the feeling and experience of listeners truly connected with the music. You know that magical feeling and burst of emotions once you hear the melody of your favorite song?

The new identity will be revealed during the South by Southwest Festival this Friday. So far, we don’t know to which extent the redesign will be, just that the changes are not going to be small especially when they have the marketing potential in all forms (as an app, print, and interactive consumer experience). We don’t know about you, but we are super excited to see these changes.

This is what we know so far, but more updates are yet to come: