We recently wrote about an emerging digital-visual format called a cinemagraph, set to conquer social media. We were certain that it would take over dull banner ads, but now a different cinemagraph story begins to unwrap.

Stuart Weitzman is the first fashion brand testing how Instagram videos and Facebook ads pull work together in attracting an audience. The campaign starts on Instagram where the brand buys video ads, pushing cinemagraphs to its target audience. 7 days after Instagram, the same crowd gets product ads on Facebook with a simple reminder: “Don’t forget to buy these lovely shoes.” The question is how many of these views will convert into sales, which is still a mystery. Some industry experts claim that this technique is invasive, but successful in that it provides a fine liaison with the brand. They are simply reminding us that they haven’t forgot we still need stylish shoes in reality.

From a brand’s perspective, Susan Duffy, Chief of Marketing at Stuart Weitzman explained, “the campaign is about how to find that perfect mix of brand and direct response marketing. One of the exciting things we’re doing is using the full marketing funnel.”

The following cinemagraph for Stuart Weitzman was created by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg from Ann Street Studio: