The long-awaited Borders Railway project is coming to life. For that purpose, The Lane agency finalized its undertaking of finding a new artwork design, which will wrap around the trains cruising throughout Scotland.

This artistic project was carried out by the City of Edinburgh, Midlothian and the Scottish Borders local authorities, which enlisted The Lane. The project consists of producing train wraps, which portray some of the principal attractions of those areas connected with this new railway. The 70 meters long train is wrapped in a distinctive livery that, above all, represents pandas from the Edinburgh’s Zoo, the historically priceless and mysterious Rosslyn Chapel in Midlothian, and various ravishing sceneries from the Scottish Borders. The manner in which these scenes are portrayed in is absolutely artistic and eye-catching. It will certainly grasp attention from commuters and visitors with its intense color and childish innocence.

The thrill about this fantastic project is being carried out by its key figures.  The Lane’s Creative Director, Ricky Stevens, stated that this kind of livery will serve as a certain traveling advert for combining heritage and modernity, urban and rural landscapes, and to rouse cultural curiosity. He also emphasized a certain strive to inspire rail travel to these newly connected areas of Scotland.

Paul Wakefield, from Marketing Edinburgh, pointed out that the decorations on this new rail service will be a confident move in opening communities as a place for touristic opportunities and to fulfill the economic potential of this project.

According to Secretary Brown, The Borders Railway is one of the Scotland’s biggest infrastructure projects and the longest domestic railway to be built in the UK in over a hundred years.

The unveiling of these graphics, designed by Edinburgh based illustrator Will Beeslaar, is being held in an Edinburgh exhibition coordinated by Scottish Infrastructure Secretary Keith Brown and other stakeholders of the Borders Railway.

Opportunity for  the wider public to see this stunning project will be during an organized travel of the three passenger carriages, embellished with the above-mentioned wraps. These trains will travel between seven Scottish cities in a way that will promote the new Borders Railway line, which will launch in September later this year.