Campaign: I Give an X
Agency: Pentagram

On May 7th there’s a general election in the UK and while the party leaders vie for votes, there’s another, more fundamental battle happening – the fight for political engagement.

At the last UK election, voter turnout was just 65%. The London arm of design group Pentagram have decided that’s a figure that needs to improve, and they’ve devised a campaign to do so.

I Give An X’ asks people to demonstrate their commitment to political engagement, regardless of their party allegiances. Cleverly replacing an expletive with an ‘X’, it’s a provocative statement that cuts to the point of the matter – apathy.

I give an X Site 2

Launching the campaign is a film that lists the effects political decisions have on our lives: the price of beer, the living wage, taxes, living costs, and corruption are all highlighted. It’s a list that will resonate with everyone.

The cross is used as the graphic device that unites the campaign. People are asked to engage by replacing their social media profile pictures with an X. Using social media as the focus was a natural choice given that young adults are the most disengaged group of potential voters.

I give an X Examples

Pentagram partners Naresh Ramchandani and Marina Willer have drawn 90 different crosses for users to choose from. It’s an overwhelming amount, but there should be one to suit all tastes. Impressively they have managed to make each X individual, whilst retaining a coherent look and feel.

Pentagram are hoping that X’s start to fill your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds. We’ll know if it’s worked in less than a month’s time.

Images: Pentagram