The UK section of the French vehicle manufacturer Renault has launched a new digital campaign to promote its new model of Twingo. The key figures in this project were Scorch London, the video production company, and Manning Gottlieb OMD as the main strategist.

This campaign questions what women want in a car. For that purpose, Scorch London conducted a survey and decided to put all of their answers in 12 short films, trying to target females between the ages of 18 and 35 years old, hence, the ads are designed as a series of Broadway style musicals. The name for the project comes from a story about Ringo the Flamingo, and how he came about to be the world’s toughest bird.

The main video portrays a young woman and a very demanding customer who is in pursuit for the perfect car. Through music and dance, she finds all the features that she wants in just one car – the new Twingo. While listing all of the features that a woman wants in a car, the campaign shows its youthful and slightly cheeky spirit by asking one of the most asked questions: Does size really matter?

Antoine Héry, the digital marketing manager at Renault UK, pointed out that the best thing in creating this campaign is not just identifying the target audience but also relating with them. He further stated that the playful nature of the new Twingo is a key element of their brand identity.

Representing the Manning Gottlieb OMD, Santadip Roy, digital client business director, stated that it was very important for this project to find a way to stand out in a very crowded automotive industry.

Steve Jay, the managing partner of Scorch London, expressed hope that the viewers will have the same amount of fun while watching these ads as they did when they were creating them.

In addition to that, they released a couple of behind-the-scenes videos, which portray the worlds of the actors and creators, and all the fun they had while filming.

Promotion of this cheerful project undertook many levels by releasing teaser videos on Facebook and Twitter and running the main film on different digital channels. They even took it one step further by creating Agony Aunt, a style advice column tackling the issues of modern women, in cooperation with Microsoft.