American global semiconductor company, Qualcomm, has launched its first corporate image branding campaign in its 30 year long existence. The San Diego based company is striving to raise its profile and to push into new markets with its project of humanizing technology.

Qualcomm is trying to inspire a new generation of technology that will make life much simpler by being more intelligent. For this purpose, they shifted their policy from focusing on individual products (such as powering smartphones) and expressed hope for erasing boundaries rather than creating new ones.


There can be certain setbacks in the creation of new or expansion of current technologies that diminish our functionality in this world. Qualcomm set a goal to evolve smart devices to seamlessly integrate into our lives with the “Internet of Everything” like project that transfers data over a certain network without human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

With this campaign Qualcomm depicts how ordinary things in life can not only became connected but intelligent as well. In the videos that follow, they present how technology can be used in cars, home appliances, drones, and education and how they make them all more intelligent, more human.

Susan Lansing, VP of marketing and branding for Qualcomm, said that the main slogan “Why Wait?” represents Qualcomm’s commitment to create a world of smarter technology sooner. The creative side of this project can be seen in a framed series of questions, which cleverly uses the company name’s first initial as a Q, for “question.” This campaign includes not only videos but print aspects and content partnerships with outlets such as The Huffington Post, The Atlantic and AOL.