A twist on something familiar, an unusual combination of the usual passions is what defines genius. That is the message of Pepsi Max’s first world-wide marketing campaign, appropriately named “Genius.” The campaign kicks off with “Drone Football,” a high-tech take on an everyday 5 side football match between friends.

Kristin Patrick, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Pepsi, said: “We believe that the most exciting experiences don’t just happen–they’re created. The ‘Genius’ campaign will show experiences that are elevated and made more exciting when something unexpected happens.”

“In the case of ‘Drone Football,’ our first TV and digital ad under this new campaign, we’ve taken something that’s already exciting – a pickup game of football among friends – and elevated it by adding in surprising twists, that at first surprise the footballers and then make their game even more exciting than it might have been, “ added Kristin Patrick.

Produced by AMV BBDO, and directed by Scott Lyon, the advert is filmed in Barcelona and features a pitch contoured with over 30,000 LED lamps, an enormous scoreboard holographed onto the surrounding apartment buildings, and a drone floating around, snatching the ball, and showing yellow cards for nasty fouls. According to the producers, the pitch was altered in complete secrecy, and the players in the video are locals, filmed in real time, taken completely by surprise.

Sebastian Micozzi, head of marketing and innovation at Pepsi, stated: “We are hugely excited to be a part of the global ‘Genius’ platform launch – a campaign that we know will build on the success of last year through the creation of exciting digital content that provides consumers with entertaining moments and ingenious new experiences.”

Focused on digital broadcasting primarily, “Genius” campaign will feature more content-driven ads, and will also be showed via traditional TV.