There is just a little over 450 days until the Summer 2015 Olympic Games, but the wait for NBC’s Rio 2016 logo is over. The logo, created by NYC based Trollbäck + Company, has morphed NBC’s iconic shield used in previous years and added the colors of the Brazilian flag which were then mixed together with the signature colors of the NBC’s logo and together have formed three different components overlapping in motion beneath the logo typography. The shape symbolically represents three natural elements – sun, land, and water. The shape also represents Rio’s landmarks – landscape, mountain topography, and the bright and dynamic energy of the city. The movement of the animation represents the energy of the games and NBC’s to-the-minute, exciting live coverage of each event.

The NBC Rio 2016 logo also communicates some of the crucial elements present in the Olympics: energy, grandeur, inspiration, and motion. Undoubtably, the NBC Olympics logo is one of the most powerful visual symbols in sports media, and especially if you’ll be watching the Games from the US, this logo will be popping up during the main events, before and after commercial breaks, and also on NBC videos played online, implementing it across multiple platforms.

You can find more on the creation of this logo here.

rio-nbc-2015-2 rio-nbc-2015-logo-3

Creative Director: Mitch Monson
Art Director / Lead Designer: Joshua Lynne
Animator: Ben NIcholas
Head of Production: Erica Schrager