What does a cat shooting rainbows out of its paws and a dog in a Hawaiian shirt have in common? They both seem to be enjoying a Starbucks Frappuccino. Starbucks used these, among many other GIFs, for a new marketing campaign promoting its Frappuccino drinks. In partnership with Swift agency, and using the mobile app Popkey, Starbucks is filling a niche in marketing, trying to ride the trend of mobile messaging and people sharing all kinds of GIFs.
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Popkey founder Adrian Salamunovic said: “The keyword is ‘subtle’ branding—it’s not in your face. What fails hard in the GIF world is things like watermarks or hashtags.” Salamunovic added that 50 percent of people who downloaded Popkey, use it at least every month.

Popkey is an application that allows users to choose from thousands of collected GIFs to replace words and express themselves, using the smartphone’s built-in keyboard. Starbucks introduced 21 branded GIFs via this app. They are located in a particular section of the app, and can be shared or texted from there.

Source: Adweek