Every day people use emojis in messages but now they can use their emoji powers for good. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) launched a new global fundraising campaign called #EndangeredEmoji on Twitter, and it is calling out to all of those who care to use emojis in tweets to help save endangered species. Created by Wieden + Kennedy London and technical partner Cohaesus, the campaign is running through the official @WWF Twitter account and a dedicated website.

The discovery of 17 characters in the emoji alphabet found on desktop, iOS, and Android keyboards that represent endangered animals such as the Galapagos penguin, Asian elephant, Maui’s dolphin and the giant panda sparked the idea for #EndangeredEmoji. Emojis have been used over 202 million times on Twitter since they were introduced in April 2014.  The WWF is trying to use the popularity of these characters to turn them into donations and to spread awareness about threatened animals who are on the brink of extinction. The campaign encourages Twitter users to tweet one of 17 #EndangeredEmoji and to retweet the Endangered Emoji tweet pinned at the top of the @WWF Twitter feed. Users that sign up to participate (by retweeting WWF or visiting its website) will receive a monthly tally of the number of “endangered emojis” they’ve tweeted, and it will make a suggestion to donate £0.10 or €0.10 per emoji. Of course, all suggested donations are entirely voluntary, so you could donate more or less. There’s no commitment to donating when you sign up and if you want to stop participating in the campaign, you simply tweet “Unsubscribe” to @WWF.