Sleeping suspended from the ceiling by a few ropes? Sounds like a nightmare, but it is the closest feeling to sleeping sans gravity on Earth. A team of architecture students from the AA Visiting School Slovenia, mentored by the Aljoša Dekleva and Tina Gregorič of Dekleva Gregoric Architects, developed a special suit for people to experience what they call “3D sleeping.” Located near a small Slovenian village of Vitanje in the Cultural Center of European Space Technologies (KSEVT), the KSEVT Hotel offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience of sleeping like a real astronaut.

As the outcome of a workshop organized by the AAVS, the suit is a plastic coverall suspended by a series of pulleys and ropes from the ceiling in the KSEVT central room. Each body part is individually supported, allowing the wearer absolute freedom of movement and creating a near-perfect illusion of floating in mid-air. Besides this unique individual experience, the KSEVT Hotel also holds group reservations.

“With the collective experience, a group of people is able to experience 3D sleeping as an extended feature of the exhibition, where a set of pyramid shaped cushions support your entire body in a custom 3D position while asleep,” said the team behind the project.

The KSEVT Hotel is a result of an undertaking to promote nanotourism, “a creative critique to the current environmental, social and economic downsides of conventional tourism, as a participatory, locally oriented, bottom-up alternative.” Jan Boelen, the director of the last year’s Ljubljana Biennial of Design (BIO 50), where nanotourism was one of the main talking points, cooperated with the AAVS team on the project.

Images: Ajda Schmidt