Campaign: The Man and the Dog
Brand: Fundación Argentina de Transplante Hepático (FATH)
Agency: DDB Argentina

Sometimes a commercial comes along that doesn’t need words to tell its story. The latest campaign from DDB Argentina for organ donor charity FATH is one such example.

The 90 second tale uses a simple trope which we can all relate to: of an owner and his dog. Much like the classic Greyfriar’s Bobby story, the dog follows its aging owner everywhere and when he passes away, the dog stays loyally nearby, however, this story has a touching twist, one that’s up to the viewer to work out.

By refusing to patronize the audience, this story draws you in and since you’ve made the conclusion yourself, you’re far more likely to retain the message. It’s an emotive gloss on the subject of organ transplants, a topic which for many of us can be a little too close to home.

There’s no slogan or smart social media campaign to accompany this spot, it refreshingly just relies on great craft.

The director of the spot is Rodrigo Garcia Saiz who’s racked up over 500 commercials in his career. He’s renowned for his storytelling ability, and has produced award winning PSA’s in the past. This offering is far more subtle though, and might be his most sophisticated yet.