The International House of Pancakes IHOP, established in 1958 in the suburbs of Los Angeles with the 1,650 locations worldwide, has redesigned its logo for the first time in more than 20 years.

Designed by Kansas City’s 360/Studio Tilt, a simple red swipe under the “eyes” of  the “O” and “P” is meant to be read as a smiley face. The mark represents how their famous pancakes give customers the unique IHOP experience. The company is aiming for a more modern look. The new logo #IHOPsmile is more suitable for the emoticon era, reflecting its Twitter-savvy persona. It is more up-to-date and created to attract the attention of  younger crowd.

The new logo is prominently featured on the chain’s website, merchandise, and menus. Dailey & Associates are in charge of advertising and TV animation, and the digital, social, and mobile are handled by MRM/McCann New York.

The chain of family dining restaurants also launches a “Summer of Smiles” campaign over the coming months. The first event will be a “Monumental Pancake Lunch” for 6,000 attendees of the Kiwanis International Convention. Kiwanis, a worldwide service organization with affiliate youth clubs Circle K, Key Club, and Aktion Club, will celebrate 100 years of service to children and communities at the Indianapolis convention. On June 25, IHOP will prepare and serve free pancakes for each Kiwanis club member in honor of their contributions in helping communities in more than 80 nations.

Logging its strongest domestic-store sales growth in a decade earlier this year, the chain is hoping to keep the forward momentum rolling with its brand overhaul.