Pizza Hut Hong Kong and Ogilvy & Mather Group HK have collaborated on a campaign giving the words “movie night” a different meaning by making innovative alterations to the standard pizza box. The result of their efforts is the “Blockbuster Box,” a seemingly regular pizza box doubling as a small movie projector.

The “Blockbuster Box” is available in 4 different types, each depicting illustrations inspired by action, romance, sci-fi, and horror movies, and it is very easy to set up. Just punch a hole in the side of the box and place the lens, located on the pizza saver inside. Don’t throw away the pizza saver just yet, because it also functions as a smartphone holder. Place your smartphone in the box and play your favorite movie. And that’s it, easy as pie.


You also have the option of scanning the QR code on the side of the box and unlocking exclusive movies made available for this campaign, but if you don’t like them, play whatever you want.

This service is currently available only in Hong Kong, but let’s hope that it gets received well and maybe even incorporated as Pizza Hut’s standard offer in other cities. Let’s face it, few things can beat a slice of a mouthwatering pizza and your favorite flick combined in a single, well-designed package.


Images: Reed Collins