Campaign: Amani
Agency: Revolver Amsterdam
Client: Terre Des Hommes

The story of slavery just became virtually impossible to ignore. A new immersive film entitled ‘Amani’ has been created for the children’s rights charity Terre Des Hommes. It brings you into the very centre of a 12 year old Kenyan girl’s life, and confronts an unpleasant reality.

Created by Revolver Amsterdam and VFX studio The Ambassadors, the film has been developed to work on the Oculus Rift and, crucially, in your home too. Whilst the VR experience will be touring the Netherlands, Google’s YouTube technology allows you watch it on desktop and look around using your mouse. Technically it’s a surprisingly painless experience–which can’t be said of the story itself.

Watching Amani’s day develop, a sense of panic emerges as you realise what is about to happen. The viewer actively wants to look away, and if you do you’re confronted with the problem at hand–ignorance.

The positioning of the camera helps us identify with Amani, as her parents exploit her in task after task. The ability to explore the finer details of her surroundings have a profound and lasting effect on the viewer.

Terre Des Hommes are best known for Sweetie, a D&AD Black Pencil winning campaign that targeted online sex offenders. The painstakingly crafted project used cutting-edge technology to entrap predators. They’ve built on that reputation, once again using emerging technology and unapologetically gritty material. If this campaign’s request for donations works, their crucial work will benefit as a result.