Coca Cola launched a new Twitter ad calling out viewers by their name. This move serves as an extended arm of the major “Share a Coke” campaign that was launched earlier this year.

Coke uses Twitter to encourage viewers to take part in the “Share a Coke” campaign by buying bottles with their names on it. The user receives a Tweet in his feed that is addressed to him with “Hey [NAME], #ShareACoke is back!” and directly suggests ordering a personalized Coke bottle. The price for a personalized 8-ounce bottle of Coke is $5 apiece.


Coca Cola exploited Twitter’s “Tailored Audiences” feature that helps advertisers define their own groups of existing and potential customers and connects with them with relevant messages. Coke’s Promoted Tweets are promoting the main “Share A Coke” campaign by directly interacting with the consumers, while the campaign itself represents a more personal connection between the brand and the customers. The “more personal” approach has paid off since Coca-Cola saw its largest ever year-over-year growth in the 20-ounce package — more than 19%.

Source: Adweek