The results from Facebook’s Creative Accelerator program, which allows Facebook Creative Shop to work with marketing partners in high-developing countries, are in. Three success stories from Kenya, India, and Indonesia illustrate the first effects of this project in emerging markets.

In a blog post, Facebook emphasised the spread and popularity of visual formats, especially in the up and coming markets. People are creating and watching videos a whole lot more, in fact 75% more–globally–as Facebook estimates. This also includes ads.

“People everywhere are embracing visual communication formats, like video, at a staggering rate. More than 50% of people on Facebook in the UK, Brazil, South Korea, Singapore, Israel and the UAE watch a video every day,” said Nikila Srinivasan, Emerging Markets Modernization Manager at Facebook.

Facebook intends to help advertisers in emerging markets by pairing bandwidth targeting, which allows marketing companies to detect the strength of the user’s connection as well as the type of device used and decides which type of ad to use. Besides that, the Creative Accelerator also helps those advertisers to develop marketing campaigns.

In Kenya, a photo ad was introduced by Coca-Cola, spreading a locally oriented message. Compared to other similar campaigns, it increased advertisement recall by 18%.

Using bandwidth targeting, Nestlé launched its “Theatre in a Cup” campaign to customers in urban and rural India, increasing brand awareness by 9% and purchase intent by 5%.


Lifebuoy used a similar technique in Indonesia, spreading the message about the importance of washing hands. The result: 9.4% more moms from Indonesia connected Lifebuoy with their campaign motto – “Protects effectively from germs.”

“Over the past year, as we began to make an investment in engineering, in product, in sales, in creative shops in high-growth markets, something that we tried to do is go in-market and understand how people wanted to connect with brands, and how brands were connecting with people,” said Srinivasan.

After these initial successes, Facebook now intends to introduce the Creative Accelerator globally, focusing on the Middle East where the video consumption is highest in the world.

Images: Facebook