“Noli Me Tangere” by Jose Rizal represents a significant part of Philippine’s literary heritage and it is considered one of the many catalysts that triggered the Philippine Revolution. The title means “touch me not” and it refers to the “untouchable” Spanish colonization of the Philippines.

Now, over a hundred years after the first publication, Chalcot Audio and BBDO Guerrero came up with an exceptional idea to promote the release of the “Noli Me Tangere” audiobook app. They organized an exhibit in the bookshop and art museum using conductive ink to depict portraits of some memorable characters from the book.


The portraits were painted on wooden panels connected to a circuit Touch Board on their backs. When touched, the sensors on the board are programmed to activate various clips of dialogues from the audiobook, thus bringing the story to life. The exhibition generated 3.5 million impressions on Twitter alone.


Downloadable from iTunes, the app also contains the e-book version of the novel. You can see more details in the overview video below.

Images: Bare Conductive, Vimeo