An amazing initiative just came from Vodafone and advertising agency McCann Bucharest. In an attempt to promote smartphones amongst the senior population, they found an inspiring way to connect people over 75 in Romania among themselves and with the rest of the community.

A campaign starring two widowed grannies who make lunches for students hungry for a home-cooked meal became a huge success. It developed into a cooking show called “Sunday Grannies” and their own creation, a lemon pie, became a hit in grocery stores. They continued cooking for hungry students and even hosted famous tennis star Simona Halep, who promoted the show on her Facebook page. Following the success of the project, the brand created a platform where any Romanian elderly citizen can invite guests for a pop-up lunch.

In a country where 4 million people older than 75 years old lives alone, it is a welcoming thought that an initiative like this can make them feel less lonely. The campaign, according to Vodafone, attracted 380 million media impressions, made social media among elders three times more popular, boosted Facebook profiles by Romanians over 65 by 20%, and improved sales of 4G smartphones by 40%.