To boost the interest for the grand finale of the Hunger Game franchise, producers have already begun an outdoor campaign in 18 countries promoting Mockingjay Part 2, which will hit theatres by the end of fall 2015. In order to rev up anticipation and teleport viewers into the world of Panem, producers of the franchise chose some of the most prominent locations (such as Times Square, Wesfield Center in London, Novy Arbat Avenue in Moscow, among many more) to put billboards and posters containing the now iconic three-finger salute and hashtaggable word #UNITE in local languages. The hands on the visuals are of men, women, boys, and girls from 8 to 80 years old and from all over the world so that people in participating countries could easily identify with the promotional message.

Although the main goal of this on-the-street campaign is no doubt a way to create buzz and to build maximum enthusiasm for the upcoming premiere, it seems that the impact of the movie itself and this alternate-reality style of marketing has proven lucrative and that in some countries such as Thailand protesters against the military coup have identified with these messages using them in their demonstrations.

mockingjay-unite-1 mockingjay-unite-2 mockingjay-unite-3

Toronto, Canada

Managua, Nicaragua

Sydney, Australia

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Paris, France

Source/Images: Fast.Co