We are so used to seeing perfection and flawlessness in campaigns of cosmetic brands. The idea that using particular products will achieve that physical perfection is not a gift of mother nature, but more likely a gift of a photoshop artist. Instead of offering a pursuit for perfection, French brand Vichy partnered with Montreal based studio Tuxedo to promote real, untouched beauty in a campaign “Your skin deserves better” created as an introduction to the US market. All the models featured in the campaign in print, on billboards, and in TV commercials were not retouched, carrying a strong and empowering message promoted on social media with the hashtag #forgetflawless.

“There are very few campaigns in skin care that have been completely unretouched, so it was a very strategic thing to break the flawless image that no one can really attain,” said Dominic Tremblay, president of Tuxedo.

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So instead of imposing standards not possible to reach, Vichy is asking consumers to forget about being flawless and to nurture their natural beauty in all stages of their lives. In a series of humorous TV ads, from 15 and 30 seconds to a longer video version of 2 minutes, women of different ages are having a discussion with their own sassy and confident reflection in the mirror that answers on all of those silly and insecure questions and thoughts we have sometimes when over-analyzing ourselves in front of the mirror.

Although similar approaches have been used in campaigns of other brands, the specific humorous tone what sets this one from the previous ones: “There’s a lot of new type of beauty campaign, starting from Dove and earlier, that are more heavy, heart-touching, sad, crying, and we wanted to have a different tone. So, we wanted to have something that was more optimistic and fun and laughable, so that’s why we went with more humor.”, explains Tremblay.