Campaign: Love is Welcome Here
Agency: Molecule SF
Brand: Airbnb

With Gay Pride centre stage this weekend, the LGBTQ community is taking its annual opportunity to celebrate. This huge global event is fast becoming colonised by brands, in a similar way to Father’s Day, as discussed last week.

One such brand that has a relevant reason to be talking about these issues is Airbnb. The room rental site has been trying to cement their ‘Belong Anywhere’ tagline with creative campaigns over the last year, such as in their “Wall and Chain” and “Welcome to Airbnb” animations. Their latest tactical campaign builds on these outings.

On social media, Airbnb has gone full rainbow – with a takeover of their fast-becoming-iconic identity on Facebook and Twitter. Then they asked thousands of property renters to declare they would “#HostWithPride.” With such a huge volume of engaged suppliers, this has inevitably made a splash online.

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But the hero piece of the campaign is a short documentary. We follow a number of gay, lesbian, and transgender couples as they discuss their experiences of travel. We immediately warm up to these personalities as they tell us of their first romantic encounters. Subsequently, we learn of the difficulties they’ve been through when vacationing in the past.

A couple soon to embark on their honeymoon ponder what they might encounter, whilst a pair of mothers ruminate on the opportunities their child might miss out on as a result of their marriage. It’s a film where you feel like you’ve learned something, and enjoyed yourself along the way. It all neatly links in with Airbnb’s service and mission, which relies on acceptance and openness.