Sit down and grab a glass because we’re going to quench your thirst with some of the best ads of the week.  The “Soup Nazi” from Seinfeld takes us through all the different street food markets and shops in Pepsi Max Israel‘s new comical ad. It’s Andrew Hales’ turn to take the Tide Pod Challenge, and he doesn’t hesitate to put himself in some messy situations.  Northern Territory Government comes up with one of the catchiest PSAs, although it’s a tad disturbing especially when animated children get eaten by crocodiles so many times. Finally, with all the pride celebrations coming to a close, Apple recaps how they celebrated San Francisco Pride on June 28th.

“Pepsi Max: This Falafel is Making Me Thirsty!”
Pepsi Max

“Tide Pod Challenge: Andrew Hales Smoothie Park Prank”

“Be Crocwise”
Northern Territory Government

“Apple – Pride 2015”