Loews Hotel and Resorts recently took a user-generated approach to advertising. With the help of Catch Agency, they released several eye-catching ads using the photos of authentic travelers who actually stayed in one of twenty-two Loews Hotels and Resorts.

The plan was to find photos taken at one of their properties and add them as they were–genuine and spontaneous–to the newly launched “Travel For Real” campaign. With this project they aimed to highlight the connection between travelers and the brand, using these ads to reflect the real experience of staying at a Loews Hotel or Resort.

Client CMO Bruce Himelstein stated that this new project puts guest in an even more emotional and personal context. Some of these ads are portraying a young man playing banjo in his hotel room, with the headline “Everyone needs to find their rhythm,” a child with cucumbers on his eyes taking a relaxing pose in the swimming pool with “Everyone needs to soak it all in” as the caption, and a young woman lying on the couch with the stunning view over New York City saying “Everyone needs to kick up their heels.”


Doug Spitzer, Catch agency chief creative officer, stated: “Anyone considering staying at Loews can be sure that what they are seeing is real, not the creation of a talented pro. There are no tricks, wide angle, Photoshopped shots—like people rightfully complain about on social media. ‘Travel For Real’ is the real deal, through the eyes, and lenses, of our guests who loved the time they had at Loews”.

Talking about the project itself, Spitzer said that they started their search for the perfect photos on Instagram and then other social networks, reviewing more than 35,000 images.

All the subjects and image posters were compensated by Loews for using their photographs.
Images: Loews