Facebook’s logo has undergone some “minor” changes. At first glance, the word “change” may be a bit strong and it may seem purely cosmetic, but in the world of professional typography this change is rather noticeable. The adjustments were mainly made in terms of font weight. The letters are slenderized and the first thing that stands out is the new letter “A”, simplified with a single-story design.

According to Josh Higgins, Facebook Creative Director, the change was triggered by an aspiration to make the logo more friendly and approachable. Higgins also stated the brand just needed an update, not a full redesign.

Designer Armin Vit stated on his site, Under Consideration, that the new logo is the combined work of Facebook’s in-house design team and typeface designer Eric Olson from Process Type Foundry. However, the new logo cannot be seen on your Facebook profile because it still uses the “F” symbol, but it will be featured when the brand’s full name is in use.