The French Design Studio 55 created a unique milk dispenser “Vache à Lait” (the “Milk Cow” project) that emphasizes the importance of farm-to-table eating and promotes eco-beneficial practices. The product was submitted to The Milk Factory for the “What’s Next for Milk?” competition with the support of CNIEL (the French National Organization of Milk Manufacturers). The “Milk Cow” project mimics the process of milking a cow and aims to reconcile consumers with dairy producers to short-circuit the production process, and raises the question of the agri-food industry’s influence.


In a very simple way, consumers can relearn the forgotten pleasures and rediscover the true taste of fresh unpasteurized milk that comes directly from the cow’s udder. The project has a combination of two items: the milk distributor shaped like udders called The Domestic Cow which dispenses the dairy, and a container that is used as a cup called The Milking Glass. It’s designed so that customers squeeze synthetic nursing nipples and fill their cup each morning.


It’s basically a win-win system that decreases the costs for buyers and at the same time increases earnings for small producers. People reconnect with nature by getting fresh milk at a reasonable price from a source they know personally and sellers are paid immediately. The project reminds consumers that milk doesn’t come from P.E.T. bottles, it encourages them to meet the farmers, it creates new social links, and it makes sustainable and responsible consumption of natural products.