After becoming the first state to successfully establish a medical marijuana industry, California is now taking it a step further by setting up a special cannabis delivery.

Potbox is a premium medical marijuana subscription service that will deliver ethically-grown weed, cultivated on different farms in the Santa Cruz area to your door. Potbox co-founder Evrett Kramer emphasized: “Ethical cannabis is grown with the purest intention, with the well-being of the patient and the environment at heart.”

What sets Potbox above the competition is the uniqueness of its packaging and content. Each delivery consists of two quarter-ounce strains of cannabis, two pre-rolled joints placed inside a glass casing, and some details about the marijuana itself such as lab results that include THC and CBD levels or the exact location where the leaves were grown.


Austin Heap, Potbox co-founder and CEO, says that their service is “a more sophisticated alternative to the various other ‘on-demand’ cannabis delivery services that simply aggregate and deliver whatever inventory is currently available at the local dispensaries.”


The monthly price for Potbox deliveries is $149.95 and it includes the possibility for subscribers to customize their box with preferences so that the service will be sending specific strains each month. Heap also stated that this subscription service will solve problems for customers with luxurious ease:

“With dozens of varieties to choose from, patients can’t gauge which strain is right for them, what effects each will have, how fresh it is, or how it was grown. With Potbox, patients can skip the long dispensary lines, the confusion as to what to buy, any questions about freshness, the sketchy messengers or car-service drivers who knock on their door, and all the other hoops they must jump through in order to receive their medicine.”

Potbox’s service is limited to San Francisco, where subscribers are obligated to upload a copy of their medical marijuana license. The company is currently conducting beta-testing in Los Angeles aiming to expand in the future.