Campaign – Farewell to the Forest
Agency – Ogilvy & Mather London / DAVID Buenos Aires
Client – Unilever

One of the major causes of global warming is deforestation – it’s a problem that FMCG giant Unilever is committed to stopping. They’ve launched a beautiful film which illustrates just how urgent the issue is.

Not one to shy away from grand statements, Unilever has set out to protect one million trees in Brazil and Indonesia. This is all part of a wider scheme to half the environmental footprint of their products by 2020 – a fast approaching deadline. Between them, London based Ogilvy & Mather, and Argentinian Ogilvy spin-off DAVID have created a touching film to promote this goal.

“Farewell To The Forest” starts by pointing out that trees may be safer from destruction in a city than in a forest. Seeing a tree striding through the most urban of environments is a striking way to demonstrate this. Using graphic wizardry from The Mill, we witness a tree make the journey to central London. The responses of passersby, gazing in wonder at this walking tree, elicit the most emotional response.

The beauty of the film is no surprise given the breadth of talent involved in its creation. Director Nico Perez Veiga is hugely awarded, having worked for clients like Nike, Orange, Honda, and Ikea. The spot was overseen by Ogilvy & Mather’s Global ECD Andre ‘Dede’ Laurentino, known for this style of commercial most notably Müller’s blockbusting “Wünderful Stuff.”

The overall effect is one of poignancy–appropriate given how serious the threat of deforestation is. The upcoming United Nations Conference on Climate Change could be the biggest turning point for global warming within the generation, and with mega brand Unilever woking towards the UN’s goals, it’s just up to others to follow suit.

Image: David