Patagonia has a long history of sharing their passion for the environment, so it’s no surprise to hear that the brand is releasing a campaign promoting the initiative of paying “1% for the Planet.” The so called “Earth tax” calls businesses all over the globe to join them in allocating 1% of their sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment, something they have been committed to since 1985.  In 2002 founder of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard, and owner of Blue Ribbon FliesCraig Mathews, created a non-profit corporation to encourage other businesses to do the same. In communicating the message of the campaign, the company borrowed a quote from environmentalist Gerald Amos, “The most important right we have is the right to be responsible.” Patagonia continued to add, “Through 1% for the Planet, Patagonia presents other businesses an easy way to give back.”

The concept of how the initiative works is a bit different when compared to how the majority of grants work, supporting smaller and more focused local initiatives or volunteer-based organizations rather than focusing on a few big international players and global environmental issues. The idea behind this lies in the tangibility of the effects of the donations, meaning that the majority of these local organizations work on singular problems (such as preserving a local river) and do not usually acquire grants with countless zeroes. Within the financial year of 2015, Patagonia alone managed to help over 700 projects all over the planet.

More on the initiative you may find on the official website.

Image: Patagonia