Campaign: #OursToLose
Brand: YouTube

YouTubers are more in demand than ever before and their numbers and popularity show no signs of abating, so YouTube itself has harnessed these powerful movers to communicate a problem that will affect us all — climate change.

The COP21 Climate Change Conference is receiving a huge amount of attention from campaigners keen on using the gathering as an opportunity to raise awareness on the danger of environmental change. While individual bloggers may have their heart in the right place, this is the first occasion where they’ve come together to lobby for a good cause. In YouTube’s major campaign, we’re asked to sign a petition on the campaigning site Avaaz to move the world towards cleaner energy.

The campaign launched with an all-star video. It’s clever because it plays to each Youtuber’s strength; whether it’s food, nature, parenting, or travel, everyone has something to lose as a result of climate change. To emphasize their dedication in this campaign, Youtube has even changed its logo to the #OursToLose image.

In addition to the hero film, the YouTube community is being invited to submit their own thoughts on climate change in video form; expect videos to be released regularly over the next week.

The beauty of this campaign is that it reaches a broad range of audiences, across countries, ages, and interests. Each Youtube star can relate to their viewers through an already existent hard-earned trust. In this case, conversion to signing the petition could reach an audience of world leaders.

The ultimate goal of the petition is to reach a state where there is 100% ‘clean’ energy worldwide by 2050. This will require a massive restructuring of the world’s power infrastructure and unprecedented levels of trans-national cooperation, all starting with The United Nations. It’s no small ask, but if anyone can do it, the world’s largest community of video-makers and storytellers can.