Agency: 84.Paris
Brand: Greenpeace France
Campaign: Winter Is Not Coming

Anticipation for the new series’ of Game of Thrones is in ascendancy as we approach the blockbuster TV show’s sixth’ series, so it’s no surprise that brands are hijacking GoT’s ubiquity to promote their own services.

There’s plenty of fodder to play with in GoT’s fictional land of Westeros – but perhaps most well-known is the phrase “Winter is Coming,” referring to the imminent onset of a decades-long winter in the fantasy kingdom. As an organisation committed to halting global warming, Greenpeace France gives a twist on this narrative for their latest viral video and microsite.

The film is high in production value, and impact. We see a “white walker” (Westeros’ evil winter-bringing monsters) marching towards us in a snowy landscape. Just as we fear for our safety, the white walker comically falls through the melting ice. In the real world, burning fossil fuels increase the temperature of the planet, and as result ice is melting fast and winter is very much on the retreat. A change in the global temperature of any magnitude would be disastrous for the story of humanity. As the strap line to the film explains, “A few degrees further, the whole story changes.”

The video itself drives traffic to a microsite on France’s  Greenpeace’s website. Here funny animated GIFs will delight GoT fans, whilst offering a dismaying message about the future of our planet. You’ll need your french language skills to get the memes, but it’s worth it.

Greenpeace has excelled recently with their creative campaigns, and understanding of contemporary popular culture. Their hijack of Lego to highlight their destructive partnership with oil giant shell was creative and powerful. It won plaudits worldwide, and had the incredible effect of terminating Lego’s association with Shell. The last major collaboration between agency 84.Paris and Greenpeace, “A New Rainbow Warrior,’” won them three D&AD Pencils. In April we’ll discover if they’ve replicated that success.

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