Campaign: MotoRepellent
Brand: Duang Prateep Foundation
Agency: BBDO Bangkok

MotoRepellent: “Helping to clear the area of mosquitos with each ride”

Frying oil hisses in a street cart hot plate, stray dogs bark, and babies cry, all making up the cumulative orchestra of the Thai slum. Night and day, this symphony is set against the soundtrack of motorcycle engines and the perpetual hum of ever present mosquitos.

Not just a noisy neighbor though, the reality of living in “mosquito heaven” is far more sinister. Conditions in slum areas make for frightening statistics of mosquito borne diseases. Research shows that the number of dengue patients have increased up to 207% in 2015 alone.

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Fortunately, the folks at BBDO Bangkok have come up with a novel way to address this issue, making use of another local pest – motorbikes. Joining forces with the Duang Prateep Foundation, a non-profit charity committed to making life in the slums better, BBDO have created “Motorepellent,” a unique and innovative solution for infestation problems.

The MotoRepellent is a small, lightweight device that attaches to tail pipes and, activated by exhaust heat, releases a non-toxic repellent oil at a five meter radius. Another example of creativity being used for social good, this simple solution has proven to dramatically decrease mosquito populations in the area, and hopefully, cases of mosquito related diseases too.