Air pollution in Asia is at an all-time high. Cars, factories, and kiln burners pump out endless black columns of smoke into the atmosphere, the resulting smog marking its acrid presence on buildings and encircling city skylines in a dark, oppressive cloud.

Tiger Beer, teaming up with Graviky Labs has come up with a solution to help clean up the air of the streets that birthed it, with Air-Ink. Perhaps taking inspiration from another exhaust fitted tech innovation, Tiger and Graviky Labs attached pollution collectors to the back of tailpipes. These units collect raw carbon and soot that would otherwise seep into the air whilst gases are allowed to pass through as normal, leaving the engine unaffected.

With devices secured onto trucks, generators, and ferries across Asia over a period of months, the team was able to capture billions of particles of pollution that would otherwise be released into our air, and in turn, our lungs.

The harvested pollution was taken back to the lab and put through a purification process to remove trace heavy metals and carcinogens, turning it into a non-toxic, eco-friendly ink. The final product was over 150 liters of Tiger Air-Ink loaded into pens, markers, and spray cans with each containing around 40-50 mins of diesel car pollution. Adapting this technology anything from kiln burners to larger vehicles, boats and cranes, even more pollution can be captured, thus cleaning up Asia’s air, one pen at a time.


“The streets are not only a great place to drink Tiger, they’re also the place where creativity, ideas, and passion are born,” Mie-Leng Wong, director of international brands at Tiger Beer, Heineken Asia Pacific, said in a statement. With this in mind, a group of up-and-coming street artists were let loose, putting the Air-Ink range to the test. “By using our entrepreneurial spirit to repurpose pollution into ink, the lifeblood of creativity, we’re giving creative people the tools to enhance their streets.”

A brilliant example of technology used as a force for social good, Air-Ink tackles a huge-scale problem with a simple, effective solution. Not only does it recycle something useless into something brilliant, it champions creativity from the streets and offers an engaging avenue for people to get involved. We need work like this to define the boundaries and in turn, break them, and to prove that when a cause is fired by passion and innovation, we can create something that could truly change the world.

Campaign: Air-Ink

Brand: Tiger Beer

Agency:  Marcel Sydney